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“Horizon. Studies in Phenomenology”—Vol. 10, No. 1, 2021
Special Issue
“To Let Things Be! Interdisciplinary Phenomenology – Challenges for Innovative Research”

Guest Editors: Ineta Kivle & Raivis Bicevskis

Exploring Husserl`s and Heidegger`s philosophies, cognitions of Sartre, Merleu-Ponty, Levinas and their followers in the context of the 21st century and raising the questions of today’s relevance of phenomenological and hermeneutical philosophies in interdisciplinary approach, we are seeking new contributions and welcome submissions on topics connected to their philosophies, including—but not limited to—such topics as:

  • Husserl`s “Back to things themselves” and Heidegger`s “Let be!” – perspectives of interdisciplinary phenomenology
  • The role of empathy, listening and understanding in the development of science and research
  • The role of phenomenology in the understanding of art: painting, performance, composition, literary work
  • The role of intersubjectivity in the development of interdisciplinarity and the constitution of a common meaningful world
  • Authentic and inauthentic existence – freedom of choice or determined existence
  • Things as they are and the meaningful phenomena in the context of interdisciplinary phenomenology
  • Other topics that show the interdisciplinary aspects of insights gained from hermeneutical phenomenology

Guidelines for submissions can be found on the official site of the journal: over here

For reference, you may consult other published articles from the journal: over here

The articles can be written in English, German – both languages are acceptable (acceptable volume of an article should have 30.000-50.000 characters including spaces, footnotes, references, abstracts and key words)

Deadline for submissions: October 1, 2020
Deadline for decision: December 31, 2020
Deadline for publication: June 30, 2021

Please send your formatted submissions to:

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