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Title in the language of publication: РУКОПИСИ. ШЕЛЕР, ЛОССКИЙ, БЕРГСОН (1950-1955гг.)
Author: Vasily Sesemann
Prepared by: Dalius Jonkus
Issue: HORIZON. Studies in Phenomenology.
Vol. 6, №1 (2017), 211-234
Language: Russian
Document type: Manuscripts
DOI : 10.21638/2226-5260-2017-6-1-211-234 PDF (Downloads: 1943)

This publication presents three manuscripts of the famous Russian-Lithuanian philosopher Vasily Sesemann. We offer publications of essays on Scheler, Bergson and Lossky – these are the texts of Sesemann’s manuscript collection, which is located in Vilnius University (F122-104, F122-105, F122-106). This group of essays is integral. All these essays, in one way or another address the issue of the philosophical understanding of intuition, which Sesemann discussed in all his major works. Essays are dedicated to the philosophers who somehow influenced the author’s position. The texts were written during his stay in the camp of the GULAG (1950-1955) in Taishet (Irkutsk region). It is known that Sesemann taught Western philosophy and aesthetics for other prisoners. We can assume that these essays refer to the materials or recordings of his lectures. Among the prisoners in the same camp was Dandaron, who later became a famous scientist and created the original version of neo-Buddhism. While preparing manuscripts for publication it was discovered that in the posthumously published “Letters on Buddhism” Dandaron often recounts the thoughts of Sesemann, especially when it comes to understanding of intuition. In Dandaron’s handwritten archive in Ulan-Ude are the manuscripts, which, according to the titles and topics discussed, coincide with the manuscripts of Sesemann. From the available data we conclude that the manuscripts found in Dandaron’s archive – “The relationship between matter and spirit” and “Aesthetics” – are the recordings of Sesemann’s lectures.

Key words
Seseman, Dandaron, manuscripts, intuition, aesthetics, Scheler, Lossky, Bergson.